When Dates Go To Fantasyland

Published February 14, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


It’s nice to know you arent’ alone. No matter want the situation is, misery loves company. Well, happiness loves company too, but in the world of over 50 and dating, misery tends to take the larger cut. I say misery because the over 50 dating scene isn’t for the faint of heart. We all need to stick together to fend off the creepers and weirdos (in this sense, I mean weirdo in a bad way. Usually, I mean weird in a good way)

A girl friend recently attended a singles get together. It is a local group of singles who get together and have fun. It isn’t meant to be a meet (meat) market. They all just hang together. Sometimes they go to a local event or movie as a group. She met a man there who told her he had come just to meet her. Now that right there is either very romantic or very creepy. If you are into the guy, its romantic, if you aren’t – Creep City. They had a nice time, and she accepted an invitation to go out him again. The second ‘date’ was all right, but the aftermath? It seems Creep City just expanded its borders.

This is the email she received from him. Oh, my comments are in italics…..I mean really. How could I resist?

Hello Jennifer (Not her real name. Her real name is Peggy)  

(Okay, it’s not Peggy either. sorry),

That was a very interesting email. I read it several times to sure I have the true meaning of it. Meaning you reread it until you read wanted to hear You are a very insightful woman. I agree with most everything you said. I do have a bunch of questions. I thought an email would be easier than a bunch of text messages. As I said before, I really enjoyed spending time with you. I even told you I went to the *****group that night mainly to meet you. I loved the fact that you were open enough to go out with a guy that you just met (even though it was public and you drove). Isn’t going out with someone you just met the normal way you date? Aren’t most dates in public? Am I missing some new dating trend? In the three and a half hours we were together. I guess I am supposed to finish that sentence on my own. Like a Mad Lib. During some of the dancing, we danced very close. Later in the night I was about an inch from your face. I did it to see how close I could get and what your space was and how you would react (not to get a kiss). Yeah, because no guy ever pushes limits to see if he can get a kiss or cop a feel When I wanted a kiss I asked for you for it. In some of the emails I wrote you, Emails? Plural? Huh? I told you how special it was for me to spend time with you. Now for the questions. Oh goody. I do love a good Q and A!

1) Do you see me as a player, just looking for sex? After all, I did kiss you several times and told me you like the way I kiss.

A lot of people kiss on a first date. I am not seeing how this relates to you as a player. But now that you mention it…….

1A) If I kissed you before, won’t I try again (perhaps even earlier in the night)? I also wanted you to know that I wouldn’t kiss you if we were with the group, as you requested. However, I would hope for a hug when we meet. 🙂

You said you kissed me while we were dancing. Do you not remember that? Or was it so bad you blocked it from your memory. And now you want a hug? I am beginning to think you have me confused with some other woman.

2) Do you think I’m looking for some type of deep loving relationship?

We danced and had a few drinks. I have no idea what the heck you are looking for. ESP is not my specialty.

2A) Isn’t that against your feeling about wanting to get into a relationship?

Okay. Obviously you weren’t listening to me. I suppose you were too busy nuzzling my ear and drooling on my shoulder. ‘Never’ and ‘not right now’ are two different things.

2B) Wouldn’t that create friction between us if #2 were true?

Well, no. Since I have no idea what you are looking for, it can’t create friction.

3) If #1 or #2 were true, why would you go out with me?

Since you didn’t listen to a word I said all evening, I wouldn’t go out with you  again. Oh look, problem solved!

4) You gave me your contact information, will you ever call ME to go out?

Let me think a minute…………um………….no. Not even if hell freezes over.

5) If we go out, would that be a date? (or would we just call it something else?)

So sorry, hell has not frozen over. This is now a moot question.

6) You said that “I’m really so checked out on that entire life.” Do you see yourself growing old with someone special in your life?

I dunno. Do you see yourself as a player looking for a deep loving relationship? Or just a douche who has to write emails in bullet point format?

7) Are you more religious or more spiritual?

Wait. What. NOW you want to know my belief system?

This whole number system is, in itself, an annoying format. Then he takes it one step further by having not only a number 1, but a 1B, C, etc. It’s like trying to read an instruction manual. You have to keep going back and re-reading the other points to be sure you have put washer in right space. I mean, answered the questions correctly.

My friend has no idea what emails he is referring to. They have not exchanged numerous emails. He seems to have made up and filled in a lot of blanks about their ‘date’ that are simply not true. Now she will have to delete him from her life. And to top it off, he may have spoiled her chance to join a very fun singles group.

Yeah. Creep City has a new resident.


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