And The Dating News Is……………

Published February 1, 2013 by mindfulofchatter



After my last post, I decided to check out other dating sites. On the ‘just in case’ factor. You know, just in case they had any thing new/better to offer, and just in case the men were not the same ones I see on the site I’m a member of now.

Neither ‘just in case’ happened. None of the dating sites I checked out have anything new to offer. Most of the men were the same guys that pop up on where I am now.  All of these sites just kind of throw ‘matches’ at you in hopes you will connect. Oh sure, I can search for a match. I can browse profile until I am blue in the face and numb in the fingers (I was going to say ‘butt’, but changed my mind. Well sort of). And I find men tend to write what they think women want to hear. Or they go for the macho angle with the NASCAR, hunting, fishing, camping complete with photo of them with something they killed or caught. It’s a way of a way to say ‘I can provide you’. Old school style courtship – really old school. To be fair, those guys will do well in the zombie apocalypse.

So while I didn’t sign up for any new dating sites, I did update my profile on the site where I am a member. A fellow blogger/reader made a very nice comment (which you all can go read) about his own experience. I see his point, and decided what the hell. I’m not getting any dates with the profile I have. I can’t do any worse than that. I do need to add better photos, and I know that. At least the ones I have are current and they look like me. None of them are from 1989, or black and white, or so artsy fartsy you can’t tell what I look like. I have let the crazy show, and added a bit more to the ‘what I’m looking for’ category. Now I cross my fingers and wait.

At some point, my slightly nerdy, geeky, and very silly possible other half will stumble across my profile. He will adjust his glasses as his mouth falls open and wonders where I have been hiding. Okay, maybe he wears contacts, but you get the idea. We will have a coffee (or tea) date, and scare the socks off the young hipsters enjoying the wi-fi. With a little luck, we have another date that involves something a little more substantial. The will be history. Maybe an odd history, but history none the less.

I won’t have to hide my crazy, he won’t have to hide his Spawn action figures.


2 comments on “And The Dating News Is……………

  • På knull kontakt kan single finne oppegående sexpartnere som kun er ute etter erotiske eventyr, og dette med noen som deler samme preferanser som dem.
    Ikke bli sjalu over at ingen tar på deg, men len deg tilbake og nyt det du
    ser. Ikke tabu, bare veldig, veldig fremmed – og til dels fullstendig usexy.

    • And for those of you who do not speak Norwegian, this is the translation:

      On f**king single contact may find ambulatory sexual partners who are only looking for erotic adventures, and this with someone who shares the same preferences as them. Do not be jealous that no one takes you, but sit back and enjoy what you
      look. Not taboo, just very, very strange – and sometimes completely unsexy.

      I’m sure the translation is on the rough side. I used Google Translate (it is what I had available). And while I do agree that there are those looking only for a one stand or a friend with benefits, I do not agree that I am jealous of being ‘not taken’. I’m sure if that last bit is about me or dating in general, but I am rather happy to be very,very strange at times. 😉

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