And The Dating (or not dating) Goes On……………

Published January 29, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

don't blink

I am a member of an online dating site. I haven’t much luck with it. I don’t mind, so I leave my profile up and from to time update it or change the ‘about me’ part a bit.Here I am again, wanting to re-write what I want to say about myself.

I once heard a TV character tell another character ‘You don’t show your crazy all at once! You do it in little bits, so you don’t scare them off.’ . I really need to either take that advice to heart (because I do see the value in it), or ignore to completely and let my crazy out. Why? Well, my last set of ‘matches’ included a guy who looks like he belongs in ZZ Top (I’m not in to THAT much beard on a man), a guy so short he’d come up to my shoulder (if he were wearing cuban heels) and some guy who comes off as sooooooo conservative I’d scare the socks off him in about 10 seconds. He’d run like his hair was on fire. There are also quite few guys looking to live off the grid. Looking to live off the grid is fine. Its the looking like you are looking to live off the grid that is not fine (long, unkept hair, looking like a an old 420 (hippie) user). Obviously, these dating sites have no clue how to match people. I have no idea what they use as parameters, but it’s not the information I have given them.

My problem is this: I am eclectic. I love sci-fi, old horror movies, cheesy B movies (think Science Mystery Theatre 3000), Dr. Who, Star Trek, Super hero movies and the like. I also love to play. Dressing up is no end of fun for me. I used to do Old West re-enacting. I wore Victorian garb (down to a real corset and unders), shoot black powder pistols and shotguns, and on occasion, play the soiled dove. I found Steampunk a while back. Wow! I’d love to play in that. Victorian era clothing with gadgets, whirly gigs, customized Nerf guns and almost endless directions to go in (Victorian, Punk, Pirate, old west, etc.) I recently attended a Steampunk function and went on the Zombie hunt. I also participated in my areas Zombie Walk last year (as a Zombie). I love movies like Tank Girl and Bubba Ho-Tep. To give you an idea, this is my key ring:


And, because I went zombie hunting, I had customize my zombie hunting Nerf gun. After a little research, I made my neon green Nerf gun look like this:


Which I consider not bad for a first go.

The other side? I am not anybody’s Super Fan. I don’t know how many bathrooms any given starship has (nor do I care). I can’t speak Klingon or Romulan. I don’t wear costumes just to wear costumes. I can actually talk about other subjects without making a comparison to any of my geeky/dorky interests. In short, I don’t live and breathe any of the above named things. I don’t have a hissy fit if I miss a show. I like to do ‘normal’ things such as dancing, dining, going for a day trip, exploring and movies like Some Like It Hot, Bandits, The Alamo, and Holiday (with Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant).

I would like to meet someone with my geeky/dorky bend, but not so over the top that it over runs his life. I don’t want some 40- 50 year old who lives in Mom’s basement and builds models all day or studies the blue prints of all the different Enterprise starships. There needs to be a balance. He needs to have a ‘normal’ side as well. But it would nice to meet a man who lights up with enthusiasm, rather than a deer-in-the-headlights look.

So how much ‘crazy’ do I share on my profile?

I haven’t a clue.


One comment on “And The Dating (or not dating) Goes On……………

  • How much ‘crazy’ do you share? All of it. When I was doing this, I had a pretty wordy profile, but it eventually worked, and I met someone awesome. If they’re not willing to take a few minutes and read through it, then they’re probably not someone you’re going to click well with, anyway. Just a piece of advice, I’d leave out the list of ‘I don’t wants’ and focus of what you do want: positive rather than negative. Often a list of “I won’t date this type” means you already did, and may be carrying around baggage . . . kind of like the person who immediately starts talking about their ex. Be positive, be patient, be honest, and good luck!

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