14 Days Into The New Year, And……..

Published January 15, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


Things are going well on the work front. I really like my new job. Everyone has been so nice, and making the effort to come up and welcome me. It will take me a while to get all the new faces hooked with all the new names, but that’s all right.

I have found out a few very nice things about my new company. They are a locally owned and operated company, not a big corporation with a tons of branches all over the place. We are paid for the pay period we work, not 2 weeks behind. Most of the other employees have worked there for several years. Everyone seems to get along and do their jobs well. I have not heard one peep of gossip about you-know-who doing you-know-what, or being the lazy one, or being the one who rips off the company. There is an open door policy that is truly an open door policy. I think I am going to love it there.

My apartment is coming together nicely. I have made a short list of the things I need to complete it. Some are things I actually need, some things I would like to have. I won the apartment complexes count-the-candy-in-the-jar contest. I was off by 4. No one has ever come that close. The prize was a $50 gift card, which I used it to get a vacuum cleaner. I have artwork up on the walls, a nice area rug, a small coffee table and curtains over the windows. It is warm and inviting, even if it’s small. I am finding more and more, I like the smaller space. It keeps me from having an overload of stuff. Or, in my case, re-overloading myself with stuff. I got rid of so much when I relocated to Washington. I found I just didn’t need  that thing, or that pile, and why do I still have this ugly arse thing? It all went away. And now it will stay away. I simply do not have the room, nor do I have the ‘want’. I have a feeling, once I have some shelves up, more things will go away. I am not minimalist – yet. Maybe in a few more years.

Mr. Coffee Date has faded away. I don’t know what happened. We spent a day texting each other throughout the day (he was with his kids). Another couple of days texting back and forth about his home projects and general conversation. All seemed to be going well, then nothing. Zero, Zip. Nada. I don’t know what happened. I am not going to chase him down. I initiated contact the last round, so I  won’t again. Besides, he does have fingers, a phone and my number.

My days are filled with a good place to work, friendly people, my trusty four-legged companion, walks and play at the dog park. My evenings are full of books, movies, some Tv and warm, comfortable bed. As my financial feet get on more stable ground, I will be able to extend my activities a bit more. Perhaps, at some point, there will also be a two-legged companion to share my time with.

All and all, this is a very happy new year, indeed!


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