The New Year, a New Start. Things Are Looking Up!

Published January 4, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


My status as an unemployed human has changed. I was offered a position at the company where I interviewed last week/year. The offer is a good offer. The company seems to be a good company. I like the people I have met so far. I have peed in a cup and had my fingerprints taken. Once all the things involved with those two things are finished, I will begin work.

I’m looking forward to working. I am not a lazy person by nature. I am easily bored with sitting about doing little to nothing. TV is not a way to fill a day. Books are much better, but I do need breaks from reading. With money on hold, I can not just go do things that cost money. And now that ends and a new chapter begins.

My new job puts me front and center with other humans. I will once again be a little of everything to a lot of people. I love this type of work. It changes every day and lets me stay busy mentally and a little physically. The location will allow me to walk to and from work once the weather improves a little bit. I love walking home from work. It give me the opportunity to unwind from the tough days, and look back on the fun days. I am less apt to flop on the sofa if I walk home. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

I also had a very nice coffee date this week. For once, he was as he said he was. Tall, trim and nice looking. He was in my age range and not looking for a partner 10 -15 years younger. Another bonus. We had a wonderful time and have kept in touch over the week. He told me this week was a busy time for him and why. I do not expect to see him again until next week, and I hope I do. He seems like someone I would like to know better.

It is not often a new year begins so well for me. There always seems to be some left over angst from the last year or from the holidays in general. This time, however, I made some decisions before the year’s end. I both let go and embraced certain aspects of my life. For the first time in a very long time, I came into the new year without dragging things along behind.

And it feels fantastic.


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