Happy New Year’s Day

Published January 1, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

Today is the first day of the new year. Many people spent last night out with friends or New Years Eve parties. Some us spend it at home with a good movie. No matter how you spent your evening, you woke up to the beginning of a new year.

I look back at last year and see a lot of good things. Focusing on the good is far more productive that focusing on the bad. Looking at the good things, and the events I learned from, allows me to look froward to the new year with a different eye. I am not trying to wipe out the bad or disappointing experiences. I am looking forward towards another year that will hold surprises, heart-break, joy and new adventures. All of these things are a part of life.

Last year was a busy roller coaster of events and emotions. I tried new places, met new people and did some new things. Some of those things I’d like to try again, some, well, once was enough. But I tried them. I didn’t sit on the sidelines and wonder if it would fun for me or not. I moved away, then moved back. I lightened my ‘stuff’ load and love the sleeker lifestyle having less provides. I am settled in a small, studio apartment and love it. I am living within my means, not over extending myself with space I wouldn’t use anyway.

I do not make New Years Resolutions. I have also found that resolutions have a habit of needing changes. So why make them? I will do the things I need to do, or I won’t. Some I have already put in motion. Some will wait until I am steadier on my financial feet. I am sure some will be put off for another year. I am human, and that is human nature.

I don’t know what the new year holds for me. I can only move forward towards the things I wish to accomplish. I am quite sure life will throw me curve balls. It is up to me to dodge them or catch them and hurl them back. Some may knock me back, some may change my opinion or outlook, some may teach me something I didn’t know before. It will be an adventure.

Happy New Year to you. Look forward to the adventure.


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