Unemployment and Lifestyle Changes

Published December 28, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

I am sitting here fresh from a walk with the dog. Before that, I had a sit down (with a cup of tea) after returning from a job interview. The interview seemed to go well. It is for a job in the field I have worked in for the past 3 years. I am well qualified, but not over qualified. I know the basic ropes, the issues and the expectations that generally accompany this sort of position. I am hoping I am their choice for the new employee, but I have to wait until next week to find out. Until then, I wait and look for things to keep me busy.

I just finished working a seasonal job. The money from that has gone to pay my rent and the remainder tucked in the bank for bills. Thankfully, I have only two bills. My cell phone and my electric. The electric should not be much. How can this be, I hear you cry. It’s winter. It’s cold outside. It must cold inside too! But it isn’t cold inside. I live in an apartment, in the middle of three floors with apartments on either side of me. I snugged in. The heat from below and next door seeps into my place and keeps me plenty warm. My heaters (baseboard energy wasters) are turned off at the breaker panel. No heat, no heating bill.

Lets see, I was………Oh! Yes. Keeping busy. Being unemployed is sort of game. You have to be savvy with your dollars. There is no eating out, no going to the movies every day, no unnecessary shopping. The bucks in the bank need to stay in the bank. But you also have to keep yourself from going crazy with cabin fever. You to stay somewhat entertained in between job hunts. Having a dog helps. I have to take her out to do her business, she needs to exercise and play. So do I. We go to our local dog park when the weather is good enough. I don’t mind a little rain or mud (I have wellies), but I won’t go in a typhoon. She keeps me moving and keeps me company.

TV can be mind numbing. I do not have cable. Why not? I don’t have a regular job and I don’t want incur any extra costs. Instead, I have a digital antennae sitting in my window. I get all the local channels, plus PBS. All three PBS stations. I can still watch Downton Abby, Sherlock and any other fabulous PBS shows. I just watched a program on Solomon’s Mines. Very cool. And I get all of that for the cost of electricity.

I don’t have internet at home. I go to the local coffee-house, or more often to a friend’s house and use the WiFi. I also have a smart phone, and I use that in place of my laptop. Until I have regular work, internet at home is a luxury I can not afford.

I have a DVD player and a lot of movies. Because I have eclectic tastes, I can watch Singin’ in the Rain and follow it up with Zombieland or Bubba Hoptep. 

I also have music. I can dance or use it as a background for editing photos from my trip to France. I also sing along. I hope my neighbours have ear plugs. No one wants to hear me sing.

I have an ‘e’ reader. I can download free books and read them at my leisure. I have found a lot of really good books that way. I have read my way through a few bad ones, but for the most part, I have enjoyed my freebies. I have discovered new authors and new series. And I get to leave a review of what I’ve read. How cool is that?

While not having a cable or internet may seem horrible, it isn’t. I don’t miss cable. I don’t watch a ton of TV. The cable shows I like, I can find and watch online. I don’t do tons of stuff online, so I am content to make do without having internet at my disposal 24/7.

All in all, being unemployed has forced me to make lifestyle changes I may not have been willing to make earlier. My life is simpler. My cost of living is a lot less. I don’t have any huge bills to worry about (my car is paid for and I don’t have a credit card). I am not giving myself an ulcer worrying about tomorrow.

After all, tomorrow will come regardless if I worry about it or not.





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