T’was a Dark and Stormy – Day

Published November 18, 2012 by mindfulofchatter


The beginnings of winter have hit. Today has been dark with rain and wind clattering against the windows. It’s the type of day one spends baking, watching movies or cleaning out some long forgotten closet. It just isn’t a bright and cheery day.

It is also the type of day that can get you down and depressed. Especially if you are on your own. But I am not down, nor am I depressed. I have spent this day with hot tea, chocolate and shortbread cookies. Granted none this is good for my waistline, but I am enjoying the splurge. Perhaps later I will walk a bit on the treadmill. Perhaps not.

I have also spent the day catching up with the series I like to watch, but don’t because they are either canceled or on cable. Netflix is wonderful for this – for the most part. Netflix has the annoying habit of not keeping very current, or not offering some things on Instant Play (otherwise known a streaming). I am now as caught up as I can be with The Walking Dead, Doc Martin, Being Human (U.K.), In Plain Sight and a couple of others. In Plain Sight went very quickly – Netflix hasn’t bothered to add anything new since the last  time I checked it. Same for Being Human. Oh, and don’t bother with the U.S. version. It stinks. Utterly and completely.

I don’t quite understand Netflix and how they decide what movies can be streamed, and what shows get new episodes. The Walking Dead is current. The first two seasons are already on Netflix, with the third season currently showing on AMC. In Plain Sight and Being Human are still far behind what is most current. As in several seasons (or series) behind. Hot in Cleveland is divided into streaming and disc only. I can watch almost 10 years worth of Top Gear (again, U.K.), but heaven forbid I want to catch up with the ladies of Hot in Cleveland. WTF Netflix. Get your act together and you just may redeem yourself and regain your customer base.

While I would love to have someone to spend this rainy and windy day with, I am not in a funk because I am alone. I books to read, the internet to surf and movies to watch. I can explore my own mind. I can ring old friends. In short, I have options to keep myself busy and entertained. Alone isn’t always lonely. A lot of us forget that and only see that we are alone.

Some of my best days are spent alone.


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