Job Hunting in The Digital Age

Published November 10, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

Now that I am back home, I need a job. I dislike job hunting these days. It requires using the internet and trying to detect spam ads. I hate spam ads. Some are easy to spot, some do a better job of hiding what they are.

I use Craigslist, the King of Spam, and the online newspapers. The nice about CL is that others who have responded to spam ads often post back to tell you not to waste your time. The biggest clue that a help wanted ad is spam, is the pay. They almost always offer you huge pay to do a low wage job, such as sweeping up the garage for $15.oo an hour. If you see an ad where the pay and the wages of your area don’t add up, it’s most likely a spam ad.

These ads will answer you inquiry quickly and tell you how they chose you, yes, YOU, over hundreds of applicants. All you have to do is click on this link and finish your application. That link will take you to a site where they want your info to check your credit rating, or get a car insurance quote. Do I look that stupid? I have car insurance, thank you, and have no need for a quote. Plus, I have never run across a legitimate business  that require I get a car insurance quote. Have car insurance, yes. Get a quote, no. The credit rating? Yes, some companies will want your credit rating before hire. But they will tell you that AT AN INTERVIEW. Never go fill out one of those link things out. They are spam, fishing for information. And they are dangerous. Anyone truly interested in hiring you will call you for an interview. It always angers me to see all the spam job listings. We are looking for work. We need work. We do NOT need our time wasted by spammers.

The online newspapers seem to now link up with local job search engines. The problem lies in the scant amount of jobs listed there. They are few and far between. Most are high-end jobs requiring degrees in that particular field coupled with years of experience. At least they aren’t spam.

So far, I have had one call back to clarify information and answer a few brief questions. They are whittling down the list of applicants and I understand that. Things seem to have gone well, but you never know what the interviewer is thinking. I may or may not get a call for an interview. For all I know, she thinks I’m the git of the week.

This morning I received an e-mail from a different job listing asking when it is convenient to ring me and talk a bit. I have answered and will see if I do ,indeed receive a call from them. It is a temp- to-maybe-permenant-hire-position, but it is a job I can do and do well. It will give me income until I am hired on permanently or find something else.

Both of these job leads came from Craigslist. Both read like legitimate ads. It seems as though both of them were legitimate ads. This is good for me. And good for the other who also applied.

I have a chance. Wish me luck, cross your fingers, send good kharma, or whatever it is you do when asked for this type of help. I would appreciate it. Very much so.


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