Home Again, Home again, Jiggy Jig.

Published October 31, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

The drive went smoothly. The roads were a little wet from time to time, but no downpours obscured my vision. I made through the most hated part of the drive (it is narrow and very twistsy turny) early and had no traffic to contend with. My four-legged traveling companion alternated between snoozing on her bed and sitting up, leaning on the passenger door looking out the window. She is a pro at this long drive stuff.

The first leg seemed to go quickly. In no time, it seemed, I was at the huge bridge that marks to halfway point on this drive. It was a sight for sore eyes. I was happy to join the heavier traffic and cross over to the state I wanted to be in. Even though it meant another 5 hours on the road. We glided through this busy metropolis easily. Our big truck, dwarfed by the semi rigs but towering over the automobiles, slid into open spots and joined the flow as if it belonged there.

We stopped at rest areas for a stretch and potty breaks. Miss Four Legs was offered water and food. We stopped only once for gasoline, and once again for lunch (the driver’s stomach demanded to be fed). After that, we motored on with no more stops. The last leg of our journey was filled with passes through the mountains. Up one steep grade and down another. We were light enough to pass the big rigs, but slow enough the keep out of the way of the faster cars. When we were almost home, the drive got long and slow.

That last bit, those last 45 miles, felt like hours. The anticipation of being home again made me want to ‘put the hammer down’, but I didn’t. No use in getting a ticket this close to the end of the long drive. The Highway Patrol was out on force. There were lots of lights flashing on the side of the road as uniformed officers leaned in windows of now unhappy travelers. A few of those lights were on unmarked, bland looking cars. No, I’ll maintain the proper speeds, thank you.

We rolled into to our first stop, where I will stay until I find a job and an apartment. Lots of hands helped unload my clothing and other necessities into the room I have been given. Next we went to the storage unit. More hands showed up. The big truck was empty in an hour. The contents neatly stacked into a storage unit. Arrangements were made to drop off the truck the next day and pick up the car I now drive. It all went smoothly.

A lot of people made this move home happen. The room I have now was my friends daughter’s room. This wonderful kid gave up her room so I had a place to stay. She has not once complained. This same family turned out and helped unload the truck, watch Miss Four Legs and made me feel welcome. My ex-husband showed up and helped rearrange the storage unit so my things would fit. He stacked my boxes neatly and carefully, covered my few pieces of furniture and never once complained. He also picked me up at the truck drop off and gave me a car to drive (with an option to buy it cheap). It is a good car (yeah, it’s white and a sedan – I hate to say it, but I do like it).

There is no way I could have ever done this without these people. I am so grateful to have friends like this.

I have no way to re-pay them, and they don’t seem to mind one bit.



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