And We’re Off!

Published October 25, 2012 by mindfulofchatter


The car has sold. I am very happy and very sad about that. It was a Mini Cooper. A car I had wanted for a long time, but could never afford. I fell into one that I could afford in February of this year. A trade, a few dollars and she was mine. After 8 short months of motoring joy, she is gone to her next owner. He is another person who has wanted a Mini for a long time. He is planning to get all of her services that are due (and over due) done. He already loves her as much as I did. Bye, Alice. Take good care of your new owner.

It seems my next car is a Toyota Corolla. *sigh* A 2004, 4 door sedan *oh geez, really?* that is white. White. White! Freakin’ WHITE! *ARGH!!!*. It is what my family calls a ‘Dad’ car. A dull, plain white sedan that your dad would drive. This is an especially hateful thing after having a series of hot hatchback in cute, bright colours. *sigh* But the Toyota is reliable and cheap and is coming for a reliable source. It will get me from point A to point B. I can deal with it. I think.

I have the money from the sale stashed. I have my U Haul truck reserved. I have told my landlord I am leaving. I have told my boss I am leaving. My landing spot has been informed and is making ready for my arrival. I have the next two days to pack up, close accounts, finish off all the little things one has to finish when one moves. Three days from now I pick up and load my truck. Then I am gone.

Back home. Back to my friends. Back to the life I left behind.

I am ready.



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