The Plan – Well, The New Plan

Published October 17, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

Remember my plan? The one I had where I was going to move back home? The one where I had some semblance of control?

Well, it’s in the crapper. Zip. Zoop. Bam. Boom. Hear that flushing sound? That’s my Plan heading out to sea.

I returned to work yesterday after my long, unhappy trip to France. I was happy to be home and happy to be back at work. I am not an idle person, so work gives me things to do with the bonus of making money with which to pay rent, buy food and perhaps hit a movie once in while. But yesterday, work decided to throw me a curveball and throw my Plan into overdrive.

WIth what in my business is called a ‘low census’, the head honchos decided it was time to make changes. This has affected me in the worse way. My hours have been cut. No, sliced, diced and minced. From 40 to 28. I am now the ‘weekend receptionist’. My new hours cover Friday – Monday and nothing more. Saturday’s hours are a joke and not really worth the drive to work – 2 hours. I am sure the Home Office doesn’t give a rats arse about my need to pay rent or eat, anymore than it cares about the others who suffered a worse loss in hours.

The icing on the cake in this situation, is that this is a no win for my boss. He has to tell his employees he is cutting our hours. After he does this, and we all leave for greener pastures, he will get torn a new one because of his employee turn over rate. It won’t matter that none of us want to leave. Or that the very people yelling at him forced us to. They will only see the outcome of their demands and lay blame at my bosses feet.

Such is life in this business. I have never yet worked for one of theses types of companies that can see past the money in their own pockets. The people at the top rarely have a clue of how things work in the real world of their business. They see only the bottom line, and will cut as many jobs as it takes to ensure THEIR paycheck is unaffected. Their clients and employees are the ones who suffer from this perspective.

The good out this? I can pack it up and go home. I have a wonderful friend willing to take me in until I find work. I can sell my car and get the ball rolling. I can make the sacrifices I need to make to leave this state I dislike so much. I will go home to the sunshine and warmer fall weather.

I can leave this disaster of a decision behind me and move forward.

And forward is the best way to move.


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