A Change in Plans

Published October 16, 2012 by mindfulofchatter


The plan was to move up north, start an online business and move to France. But there are a few problems with that plan.

I didn’t really like France. Sure, there were some neat things about it. I got some awesome shoes, and jeans that make me look longer and leaner than I actually am. I also found I can order those jeans online. Sweet. But move there and live there? I don’t think that is going to happen.

I moved ‘up north’ and found I don’t like it here. The town is so small, it sports only two movie theaters. One shows a lot of indie films, the other shows only one movie at a time. Both are old. Old seats, old layouts, smallish screens. There are no department stores. Need underwear? We don’t have that here. You have to drive a good 30 miles. To get underwear. It’s all a little too artsy fartsy for me.

This little town is fairly isolated from the rest of the area. This makes dating darn near impossible. With a small population in town, one has to look outside of town. The catch being no one wants to drive more than 15 minutes for a date. Seriously. I have had men tell me I live to far away when I am in the next town over. We managed coffee, but a real date is just too much trouble (yeah, I get that it could be the nice brush off – but in every case? I’m not that ugly!)

The weather up here is not what I prefer. After spending 10 years in the Midwest, I want warmth and sunshine. The weather up here is cooler and mostly overcast. And rainy. It rained most of the my first month here. After a whole 6 weeks of sunshine and almost down right heat, it is raining again. Ugh.

This is a case of the people who love it here, telling me how great it is in order to get me to come here. Yes, I should have done a lot more research on my own. If I had, I would have found how expensive it is to live here. The sales tax is ridiculously high, the rents are high, the cost of groceries is high, but the pay scale is low. I make less money at a full-time job here than I did at a part-time job at home. It’s just nuts. I’m not sure how the people here make ends meet.

So I have made a change in my plans. I am going to work towards going back home. I will mostly likely have to sell my car to do it, but it’s just a car and I can get another car. If I move back to my old apartment building, I will be in walking distance of everything I need to get by. I will be near my friends again and be able to socialize again. I will be where men don’t feel that 15 minutes is too far to drive for a date.

And I will much happier.


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