Religious Violence

Published September 21, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

I remember a few decades back when a film came out titled ‘The Life of Brian’. It raised the hackles of many Christians who claimed the film made fun of Christ and portrayed him in an unflattering light. Cinemas were picketed, people stood on corners with signs and many boycotted the film. When a reporter asked the people protesting what it was about the film they found so objectiobable, the reporter was told none of the people has actually seen the film. As far as I know, no one threw bombs, set theatres on fire or killed another human being.

There have been several films that have raised the hackles of different religious groups. They boycotted theatres and held up signs on street corners, but never once threw a bomb or ransacked someone’s restaurant.

All the unrest in Muslim world about this anti-Muslim film is obliviously not only about the film. The film is an excuse to riot, ransack and kill. Yes, I understand that the Muslim community is angery about the portrayal of Mohammed. But how many of these men rioting in the street and killing others have actually SEEN the film and judged its contents for themselves? And as angry as they are over this film, how does killing people and ruining livihoods change the film’s contents? It doesn’t.

I saddened to see that the Muslim community can not protest in a more peaceful manner. That they find ransacking, setting fires and killing to be an acceptable form of protest. That they can not see that the people they have killed had nothing to do with the film.

Violence only begets violence.


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