The Countdown to France

Published September 20, 2012 by mindfulofchatter



I leave for France in 6 days. I still have to go to work until then, which is fine with me. Work makes the days go faster. I’m not sitting at home stressing over flight times and packing. I don’t have the time at home to pack and re-pack, then pack yet again. Work is keeping me level and calm.

No that I am all worked up over this trip. I am very excited in some ways. In others, not so much. I don’t way I am not screaming to the mountain tops ‘ I am going to FRANCE!’, but I’m not. I’ve been to France. I’ve never even been overseas. I have no idea what awaits me over there besides jet lag and long line at the airports. The people I work with are more excited than I am about this trip (this does make me wonder a bit about my job security).

My sister and travel companion is in a little bit of a flurry as the day to depart heads out way. She has been there several times and loves it. My daughter is happy I am going because she insists I will LOVE it there and never want to come back. Plus, if I were to stay, she could come visit anytime she could get over and have a place to stay for free.

I do have some concerns about the language gap. I have The Rosetta Stone program, but there is not enough time to get through it all. I am just now getting to numbers (most of which I know). I have found the Rosetta Stone and I argue more than communicate. The mic system isn’t very good. The headset they include are only good for the microphone. The earphones don’t work at all. So you wear this cumbersome headphone set up just to have a microphone. And that microphone has to be almost IN your mouth for it to work well. If you don’t mimic the speaker’s exact inflections, you are ‘wrong’. I have found I have to speak very slowly and in tiny bites to get a phrase ‘correct’. Even for phrases I have said a hundred times to a live teacher. So its is a bit frustrating, but I have learned a few new words and phrases.

I can ask for baguettes and croissants, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, ‘hello’ and ‘good bye’, as well as a few other little phrases and words. I’ll be okay, mostly because I am not afraid to try and act it out of I need to. Having done theatre and street theatre really helps.

So off I go in 6 days. I guess I’ll live on baguettes and croissants.


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