The Art of Make-up for Former Tom-boys

Published September 20, 2012 by mindfulofchatter


I grew up a bit of a tom boy. Jeans, tees and sneakers were my favorite clothing. In elementary school, we girls were required to wear dresses. Then play games like kick ball and softball. Who thought of that was a good idea? We got around it by wearing shorts under our skirts. Junior high (now called middle school) saw my 7th grade class the first one that did NOT have to wear dresses. I didn’t a don a dress for 2 years (except for choir performances). Both of my sisters were required to wear dresses in high school. The eldest had to kneel to show her hemline touched the floor when asked to do so by a teacher or principal. When I hit my freshman year, once again the dress code had under gone a change. No more were the girls required to wear a dress. I got off easy.

This also meant I didn’t develop any fashion sense. I never thought about my hair or wore make-up. I got up, got dressed, ran a brush through my hair and was out the door. I rarely wore a dress. I never wore heels. I was already taller than most of the boys, and a little self-conscious about it. Pants that weren’t denim or corduroy rarely came long enough. All this came together to keep me on the tom boy side of things.

As I got older and started going out with friends to parties and to go dancing, I began to think more about what I wore. Choosing dresses and dressier pants happened more and more often. I even started wearing dress shoes with heels! My fashion sense bloomed, and even my friends commented on how well I dressed. The hair and the make-up, however, remained in a holding pattern.

My hair was very long, down to my waist. It was difficult to do much with it. It was thick and heavy. Pony tails gave me a headache. My hair styles were pretty much a side ponytail, a braid down my back and just plain loose. Make-up consisted of mascara on occasion. Nothing more. My experiments with eyeliner often went badly. Very badly.

This left me hair and make-up inept. At a tad over 50, I am still pretty much hair inept, but I am getting better. My ability to apply make-up has been given a huge boost by the T.V. show What Not to Wear.

Yup, you read that right. A T.V. show has helped my master the art of make-up.

This is a show were people with no fashion sense what so ever, are nominated for a complete make-over. They are shown what styles work for their body type. They get to go shopping on the show’s dime ($5000 worth), a hair make-over with Ted Gibson and a make-up lesson with Carmindy.

Carmindy is sweetie of a lady. She has been with WNTW since it began 9 years ago. She sought after by celebrities for red carpet events. Carmindy can pick and choose what she wants to do. Carmindy decided years ago she wanted to help the everyday woman see her own unique beauty, and teach them how to properly apply make-up at every stage of life. And she does a bang up job.

With a bright smile and a little psycho therapy, Carmindy has helped 100’s of women see just how beautiful they truly are. She has written a book called ‘The Five Minute Face’ which covers women from their 20’s through their 60’s. Not only does each section tell you how to apply the make-up, but the proper color pallet to use, where to buy it, from the spendy stuff to the affordable stuff. It is all laid out. It’s so easy, even I didn’t screw it up!

While I had to mail order the Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy make-up products, I knew what colors I was looking for, thanks to Carmindy spelling out for all of us make-up inept women. With a little practice, I’ve gotten it all down. I still fumble a little with the eyeliner, but it’s getting better. I look fantastic. I can’t believe it’s me looking back from the mirror. I look soft and natural, my features are gently highlighted to show my best bits. Wow. Even I think I am kind of pretty! And I don’t have a huge pile of products. I have 6. Foundation, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner and a compact of shadow. From the time I step out of the shower to the last spritz of hairspray, I take 25 – 30 minutes. This is make-up AND hair!! And it lasts all day. All day!! Sweet!

Look out France – here I come!


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