How Many Utterly Useless Articles Are Out There?

Published September 15, 2012 by mindfulofchatter



I have a new job. My duties are still not completely set up, nor have I been trained to do a lot of the little things that I could be doing. To fill my downtime, I have been doing something I have never done before.

I am reading online articles and ‘news’ stories.

CNN has a ‘breaking news’ page. If you are wondering about today’s news, or just want to know the top ten fashion trends men hate, this is the place for you. Their page is covered with news stories, opinion columns, fashion ‘news’, celebrity ‘news’ and loads of links to video showing cute animals cuddling. Political news and the current ‘unrest’ in the middle east top the page. There must be 20 different takes on the presidential election as well as the muslin uprisings responding to some low-budget, piece of crap film. At least there is some real news. Not a lot, but some none the less.

Yahoo! comes up next. Yahoo! is a joke. The new stories are a joke. The informational articles are full of no information what so ever. Click on any given article on Yahoo! and you will find the title and the information contained within the article do not match. The article about ‘How to Buy a Mattress’ had one useful line about mattresses. One. Any article that begins with ‘Tips on How to’ should be avoided at all costs. You think my grammar is bad? Read a few Yahoo! articles. They make me look like an english major.

Fox News – we distort, you decide. ‘Nuf said.

And then there are the comments. Oh. My. Goodness. No wonder the U.S. is in it’s current state. People read part of an article, then start ranting about it. They ask questions that were, indeed, answered in the article. They just didn’t bother to read that far, or read ALL the words. The complete lack of awareness and education are glaringly apparent. The ‘Me’ mentality shines through like a beacon. It is very scary.

The really bad articles all have comments on where to go to get a date.

I am flabbergasted that people are getting paid to write this stuff. I’ve written book reports that are better than a lot of this crap…….er………..stuff. We have become a nation that thinks it need to be constantly in touch. We seem to feel that if we can’t open our computer and know everything that’s going on RIGHT NOW, we can’t survive.

We are over saturated with information. There is no way our fuzzy little brains can’t process everything that is thrown at us every minute of every day. No one needs to watch Fox News or CNN 24/7. No one. What we need is break. A chance to sort it all out, have a chance to ask questions, to get more facts, to just plain sleep a little! No Fox, no CNN, no Facebook updates, no ‘Hot Trends For Fall’.

So turn off the computer. Silence the phone. Walk away for day or three. Breathe real, outside air and go for a walk with your significant other or the dog.

I know I am.


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