The Busy Mind

Published September 7, 2012 by mindfulofchatter



There seems to be a lot going on in my head lately. During the day, all is well. Night time? ARGH!

Many a night I lie awake trying make my mind shut the hell up. I have tried a few  tricks I’ve read about, such as writing down the lists it makes, a hot beverage before bed, warm shower, and cooling down my room. It refuses to be silenced so easily. All those little guys in my head seem to think the wee hours of the night are the perfect time to hold debates.

I leave for France in 19 days. You would think that is what my mind is going on and on about, but it’s not. Instead, it is choosing a variety of other topics to rant about.

One of the blogs I read is Mizinsomniac (I can relate). She is currently writing about the lack of affordable comfortable shoes. Her job keeps her on her feet all day. The shoes that are comfy in the shoe store are not so comfy when out to real life use. My mind has made endless lists of shoe brands that are known to be comfortable. As if these lists will help a blogger I have no knowledge of.

Another favorite topic is that of a close friend who is not in a happy relationship. We talk quite a bit, the friend lets off steam, has a rant now and then, and sometimes asks my opinion. We have covered a lot of territory, including this friend seeking out counseling to help sort things out. Aside from being a shoulder and an ear, I can’t help this friend. I’d love to help, but the decision of what to do is in their court. I know this. I mean I KNOW this. My mind? Nope. It still wants to run through the options one more time.

My current weight also seems to be an issue to my brain. I can’t seem to lose any. Okay, not true. I keep losing and gaining two pounds. I log my food and watch what I eat to no avail. I walk more now than did I did before, so the calories are being burned and muscles used. It is a bit frustrating, sure. But my brain really doesn’t need to rehash it at 3 AM.

Articles on fashion, weight loss, life coaches, movies, fluffy crap and anything thing else you may think of are rolling through my mind at the oddest hours. I lie in bed with my mind whirring at a million miles an hour about an article about life coaching. Really? Life coaching? You would think since I found the entire article to be bogus crap, I could dismiss it without another thought. Ah – no.

I know that my mind is avoiding something I don’t want to deal with. Well, I am assuming (yikesface) that that is whats going on. Since it won’t shut up about the mundane crap, I can’t pin down what I am avoiding. Its hiding in there somewhere between the price of cotton Spanx and what movies are out this week. I’m sure at some point, the topic I don’t want to think about will rear its ugly head, be dealt with, and sleep will be peaceful once more.

Until then, I guess I’ll keep counting the slat thingies in the ceiling.


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