The World is A Nutter

Published August 9, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

I was recently cruising through the internet, just looking at stuff and articles, nothing in particular. I’d stop and read an article, then click a link to another article or video. I didn’t watch the videos. None of them seemed worth my time. The articles were not much better. ‘They’ seem to want tell ‘Us’ how to live and what is right or wrong. ‘They’ have endless lists on all sorts of subjects.

10 Trends  We Never Want to See Again

Okay, some of them I would agree with. I don’t like mullets, and would very happy to never see one again. But most things on their list were iffy at best. They didn’t mention 80’s shoulder pads or Bay City Roller pants. How can I trust a ‘no return’ list without those items?

Mistakes Women Make On a Date

This was supposedly written by a man. He even gave reasons why something was a mistake. One was: ‘Don’t wear too much make-up. Men will feel you are insecure and hiding behind it.’ Okay. I can see that, but. Most women wear similar make-up every day. For evening, they may create whats called a ‘smokey eye’, but nothing else really changes all that much. Younger women may add a little sparkle across their cheeks or above their eyes. A lot depends on the date, and when the date is taking place time wise. This means the man asked out a woman he KNOWS wears make-up, and about how much. Unless the woman was wearing NO make-up that day, just how much make-up is too much? The writer stated a few other ‘mistakes’. I found most them silly, some were things men do too. Maybe I should my own list.

10 Mistakes We Make to Kill The Mood

Seriously? We need some bozo to write a list? This list stated things that seemed obvious to me. Don’t keep checking your phone. Don’t bring the laptop to bed and socialize. Don’t go to bed with garlic/onion breath. Are people really this stupid?

Ever since Mr. Blackwell put Andy Griffith on his Worse Dressed list for his character (Matlock) wearing seersucker suits, I have been amazed at how ridiculous people can be (actually I was amazed well before. That just made my mouth drop open). We are so overly connected the press can no longer fill enough space. Where we once had real stories, we are now bombarded with useless lists and how to’s. We have become a world of people who seem to be no longer able to think for themselves. We web surf rather than talk to each other. We don’t learn from each because we don’t talk. We rely on social media and news networks to get our information.

No wonder the world has become a nutter.


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