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Published July 20, 2012 by mindfulofchatter


It’s kind of intense to have nothing to do all day. Filling up the time and trying to do useful or creative things can be a challenge. I am out of work and looking for something, almost anything, to fill my hours and bring in a little pocket change. In the meantime, I try to move through my days without sitting on my arse doing nothing at all.

Most of my days begin with a long walk with Arty, my dog. We go to the various beaches near where I live – she runs, I walk. We will be gone for hours. Some days we walk up the hill to the part of town that is up high on the bluffs, then descend the staircase to the part of town that is sea level. We stroll out to one of the piers and watch the boats and ships sail by. Well, I watch the boats and ships, she watches the birds. After that, we walk around downtown, watching people and window shopping. A few of the shops let us both come in a browse. Some of the merchants have gotten used to seeing us, and Arty is now welcome in their shops while other dogs are not. One of the nice things about this area is that when summer comes, the local merchants put out water bowls for the four-legged locals and tourists. Arty has found that there are up to 4 water bowls in a two block walk! She is rarely thirsty on our long ambles around town.

Back home, I try to focus on doing useful things. So I clean the floors, pick up clutter, do laundry and try to think of something else to do that does not require sitting all day. I want to move. I need to move! I dislike being inside all day, and worse, being inside and not moving all day!!! My mind cramps as much as my muscles do!

Today, the sky is full of rain, lightning and thunder. It is dark and damp, like the beginning of a cheesy novel. It is not a good day to go outside. Arty is restless. I am restless.

We both need a task.