Things Seem to be Going Well

Published May 26, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

The rearranging of the house is still going on. There is a lot to accomplish in a very small space, so it will take time. I have to say my sister has risen to the occasion much better than I thought she would. I am very proud of her efforts. Even when she is having a bad day, she tries to get something accomplished.

The living room is clean, and a space we can both use with comfort. The little office area has been scrubbed clean and holds both of our desks easily. The bathroom is still being worked on, but has come a long way. It changes are amazing! My sister decided (with no push from me) that the closet was a priority. I cannot get to my shoes or my clothes without moving things around, and she has decided I have dealt with that situation long enough. She has been knee-deep in the closet for a full day and the changes are immediate and wonderful. We took down the shelves she had on one wall and put in a shoe rack. The shoe rack not only takes up less space, but ALL of her shoes fit on it. We re-installed a shelf above the shoe rack for her boots. Now all of her shoes and a few pairs of mine are put away properly. Today, sister has decided we shall finish the closet. She noted how it would drive her crazy to live like that and doesn’t want me to have to live this way any longer. This is a major project, but she determined we will get it finished as soon as we can.

We also went for a walk this morning, with the dogs. Walking is something my sister has been reluctant to do. The first week I was here, she made excuses as to why she couldn’t join us for a walk. Today, I asked her well ahead of walk time and she agreed to go with us. This was not a two block, short walk. We went for a long walk that involved a hill or two. The dogs were tired and happy to be back home. We were tired, a little hot and happy to be back home too. And best of all, sis didn’t fold up and decide it was nap time. She is still working on things that need to be done.

I hope this  trend continues. She is happier and more active than she has been in a long time. If my being here makes this much of a difference in her life, then I am happy to change mine a bit for her. I know this doesn’t mean the road ahead is not bumpy in places. But it looks as if we will be able manage the bumps as they come.

I think we can do this!


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