Bye Bye to This Little Town

Published May 6, 2012 by mindfulofchatter


I am moving in a week to a new town in a new state. There is more than one reason for this move. One being that my job here refuses to give me full-time hours. They have almost everyone on part-time status and have instituted a wage freeze unless you are a care giver, CNA or RN. So all of us who SUPPORT those roles are expected to just get by or find new employment. After nearly 3 years there, I feel they have told me loud and clear how important I am to them as an employee. So Bye-Bye!

The other reason for this move, is that my sister and I are planning to move to France. Yes, France. We can not do this living several hundred miles apart. So I am moving to where she lives. The way, we can get that party started in a more serious manner.

I am single and over 50. Some of you may read my other blog ‘Over 50 and Single’ (funny that worked out, isn’t it?). I have tried to date here in this valley town with little result. I have been on, Date Hook-Up and Plenty of Fish and gotten pretty much nowhere fast. I recognized one of my ‘matches’ from as a man I see regularly at the local dog park. He remembered me too. We walked and talked (at the dog park) and took in a very silly B movie (how can you not laugh at ‘Mega Piranha’?). But that was all she wrote. He does not seem really interested in actual dating. After that, it was pretty much nada.The men who wrote were way older, or smokers or just plain nut cases. I have had exactly 3 dates in 18 months. In effect, I have been rejected by this entire town.

A man I know from work once told me I was scary smart. He said it was very cool, bit also kind of intimidating. I am also pretty tall and I am not comfortable dating the guy who is 5’6″. And yes, that little bit is my issue and no one elses. Maybe one day I’ll get past it. I also have a very silly sense of humor and know loads of utterly useless information.

So it seems that this little place where I live is, has little to offer a tall, smart, silly, over 50 woman who will not play games, twist herself into being what the other person wants rather than herself or be someone’s mistress (yes, I have had that offer). While I will very much miss my few friends here, it is time to move forward.

So Bye-Bye little town. I know you won’t miss me.




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