Taxes – ugh!

Published April 4, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

It’s tax time again. We all know it. Some of us don’t mind taxes too much, we are assured a return. Me? I mind taxes, especially this year.

I not only have to file for myself, but for my mother’s estate as well. Yes, dead people have to file for the last year they were alive. For the estate, I have to have all the 1099’s from all the little places my mother had income coming in from. Every one of those companies has been easy to work with, answered my questions and sent out whatever I needed in a flash. Except one. Let’s welcome TransAmercia Life to the stage!

Before I begin the saga of TransAmercia Life, let me add this disclaimer: This is only MY personal experiences with TransAmercia Life. Others may have has wonderful experiences and found them johnny-on-the-spot helpful.

This began a year ago, when my mother passed away and I called all these places to notify them of her death. TransAmercia pretty much nickeled and dimed me to death with requests for forms. They never once LOOKED at the accounts and gave me a list of what they would need. It a constant back and forth. They told me they didn’t have this or that, only to back pedal when I told them they did, indeed have whatever it was. No one knew what had been sent in, what hadn’t or who was in charge of this. It was a nightmare.

And now I need a 1099 from them. As usual, every other company gladly sent me one. As usual, TransAmercia Life had to make it a pain in the ass.

I had to give them my mother’s social security number. They look at her accounts. Then I am told I can’t have her 1099 because it has sensitive information on it. Ah, didn’t I just give you her SS#? I ask for a supervisor. She launches into how they need this and that,  and oh, yeah that other thing. I tell her ‘you already HAVE ALL of that!’ Silence. ‘ Let me put you on hold and check this out’.

After 5 days of debate, they decide they can send it to me. As of today, April 4th, I still don’t have it. I dread having to call them.

I will never, EVER, buy any product underwritten by TransAmercia Life. I don’t want my kids t o have to go through the same thing I did to claim a few measly dollars.


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