Where Have All the Manners gone?

Published March 26, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

After a few run ins yesterday, and in daily life. I have to ask; Where have manners gone? The act of simply saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ seem to have vanished.

Yesterday, my friend and I were in my car, waiting for the light change. We were in the ‘go straight’ lane, the huge truck across from us was in the left turn lane. The light changed and the truck charged forward, cutting in front of us. He didn’t have the right of way. He didn’t wait his turn. His life was far more important than ours. Our puny little schedule, and lives, didn’t matter to him. What on earth was so important that he couldn’t wait 30 seconds for us to cross the intersection?

I live in a an apartment building with no assigned parking spaces. We all manage to share pretty well. We have a new neighbor with a club cab, 1/2 ton truck. She can’t park the darn thing in one spot. She parks diagonally across two spaces. This keeps others from parking next to her, and she can drive out easier (she backs in). The kid with the souped up car uses one space. The lady with the new mini van uses one space. But the gal with the truck? Nope. She’s special. It all about her.

I was taught to be polite. I taught my children to be polite. They are in their 20’s and they are STILL are polite. They don’t answer their cell phones in the middle of a conversation. They are polite to servers in restaurants. They park their cars in ONE parking spot and don’t block the doors of the car next to them. They have been known to help people carry things and hold doors for others.

But the rest of the world seems to have gone mad. It is against the law, where I live, to talk on a phone and drive. You have to use a hands free device. But people still think it’s okay to blab on the phone and drive. Every time I have almost been creamed, it has been by someone talking on the their frickin’ phone. It seems to be okay to cut someone off in line, be it on foot or in a car. It seems to be okay to roll your eyes and complain about the elderly person with a walker moving so slowly. Say ‘please’ or thank you’ to your server? Never! They are your servant while you are in the restaurant.

I call this the Queen of Hearts Syndrome – All Ways Are MY Ways! Everyone is so convinced they are more important than anybody else.

There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, in your world that is so important you can’t slow down for a few seconds. Wait your turn. Be polite to the elderly person who can’t move so fast any longer. One day, that is going to be you. Treat your servers with respect and politeness. You will be amazed at the service you get in return. Don’t interrupt your face to face conversation to answer your cell phone. If you must, say ‘Excuse me’, THEN answer your call. Don’t sit in a restaurant and talk loudly on your cell. Or in a store for that matter. No one wants to hear your half of the conversation. Just because your phone fits into your pocket, doesn’t mean it rules your life. Look up, engage in the real world.

Slow down a tad. Be polite to others. Let the guy with one or two items go ahead of you in supermarket, when you have a heaping cart full of goods. Park with respect to your neighbor. It really does pay forward. If we all do it every day, think how much we can change a little part of our world.


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