A Really Old Movie/Book Review

Published March 23, 2012 by mindfulofchatter

You know, sometimes you just have to get stuff out. Make it stop rolling around in your head so you can sleep. This is one of those things.

I just watched Interview With A Vampire for the second time. I had only seen the first time last year. I thought I’d watch it again because, well, just because. This movie is from 1996 and based upon the first book in the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles. Anne, herself, wrote the screenplay for Interview. For those of you not familiar with the movie, it stars Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, with several other well-known players thrown in.

I read Interview With A Vampire decades ago. I am not sure how many books make up the series, but I made up to Body Thief before I had had enough of Miss Rices’s vampire set. Some series are like that for me, I simply get tired of the premise and lose interest. The Sword of Shannara is another one. Come on, man! End the series all ready! Enough is enough. Others kept me looking for the next one. Robert Parker was like that. I always looked forward to my meetings with Spenser, Hawk, Sunny Randall, Virgil Cole and Everette Hitch. I miss Robert Parker and all his characters.

But back to Interview With A Vampire with Louis and Lestat. The story begins with Louis giving an interview and telling a journalist his life story. His first hurdle is convincing the journalist he is, indeed, a vampire. I’d say a living, breathing vampire, but vampires are not really alive now, are they? From there, Louis tells us how, in something like 1579, he was mourning the loss of his wife and child, and seeking death for himself so he would no longer hurt. At this point in his life, in steps Lestat, who offers him ‘a choice’. To die now, or live forever. Louis wants to die. He has said so, over and over. And yet, he chooses eternal life. WTF??!??!!

Thus begins our journey listening to Louis – whine. 200 years worth of whining. No wonder Lestat is a nutter. He has spent 200 years listening to Louis whine about everything! Louis doesn’t want to kill humans, Louis still mourns his old life, Louis feels empty and alone. After escaping Lestat, Louis goes in search of other immortals. After years of searching, he finds them. Then he kills them. How much self loathing can you take in 2 hours/400 pages?

This is the series that seems to have launched the vampire phenomenon. Interview with a Vampire was published in 1973 or so. The first movie came to us in 1996. Now we have a supernatural revival of sorts. Twilight, Being Human, The Rachel Morgan series, The Parasol Protectorate series and many more all deal with vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings.

I can not see the attraction of being immortal. Us humans seem to have a difficult enough time dealing with our 80 or so years. How could we ever manage 200? Even our dear nutcase, Lestat had trouble adapting to a modern world. The last we see of Lestat, he is driving a car and pulling his 18th century lace cuffs out from under a leather jacket.

And Louis? Got sit in the sun and shut up!


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